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Company Profile

GuangHe Limited is a Building Material Supplier supplies High quality building materials products and services. We lead a vast net work of industry partners to develop innovation, cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for buildings and construction projects. 

Our Products cover high performance window and Door , bonding adhesive – sealants, Energy-saving glass, Fire-rate system, Aluminum Cabinet , Stone Product, Casting Product and Spider System etc.

We treasure every opportunity to bring the products to the mind of the building services operation, construction and maintenance practitioners . In Hong Kong and world wide area, We have strong commitment to safety and respect the good quality material for Client.   


香港光合有限公司是一家建材供應優質建築材料產品和服務。 我們領導著這行業的合作網絡,為建築項目開發創新,經濟高效的節能解決方案。


我們珍惜每一次將產品帶入建築服務運營,施工和維修的機會。 在香港及全球, 我們堅定對安全性的承諾,並要求優質材料提供給客。

Our Mission

To be a market leader in sustainability through bringing in state-of-the art technologies and innovative building materials, solutions for our customers.



Our Vision

To be a leading building material supplier supporting the companies to excel performance and cost efficiency in their construction and fitting out projects.


成為領先的建材供應商支持成建築商去實現可持續發展建造工程, 使成本效益和安裝時的性能發輝在項目上。