Casting Factory

A mold is produced using a metal having a higher melting point than the raw material. It is subdivided into permanent mold casting, Die casting, and the like.


利用熔點較原料高的金屬製作鑄模。其中細分為永久模鑄造法(Permanent mold casting)、壓鑄法(Die casting)等。
Glass Casting Product : The main component is cerium oxide, because a certain proportion of lead oxide must be added in the production process (about 18%~24%)
琉璃 : 主要成分都是二氧化矽, 由於琉璃在製作過程中必須加入一定比例的氧化鉛(大約是18%~24%)
Aluminum Casting Product : The main alloying elements are copper, barium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. The secondary alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, lithium, etc.
鋁鑄件 : 主要合金元素有銅、矽、鎂、鋅、錳,次要合金元素有鎳、鐵、鈦、鉻、鋰等。
Stainless Steel Product : Typical stainless steel contains, in addition to Cr 12% or more, one or more other alloying elements such as Ni, Mo, Cu, Nb, Ti and N2.
不銹鋼鑄件 : 典型的不锈钢除含Cr12%以上外,还含有一种或多种其他合金元素,如Ni 、Mo、 Cu、 Nb、 Ti 和N2等。

Aluminum 鋁鑄件